• How to Clean a Plush Doll?

How to Clean a Plush Doll?

It is believed by some people that cleaning the plush dolls is a difficulty because the plush dolls are played with by kids every day and may be dragged on the floor all the time, which means that the plush dolls may be very dirty. Tossed around with house pets and then put into the child's mouth, it is of great significance that the plush dolls are kept clean. Stuffed plush dolls, especially those that may enter the child's mouth, are supposed to be washed once weekly or when they need washing. Before washing the plush dolls, please make sure whether the plush dolls are washable or not through looking at the labels of the plush dolls.  
The plush dolls are supposed to be cleaned as soon as a spill occurs, and you can hold them and move them quickly backward and forward to remove the spilt liquid as much as possible. Use a clean sponge or a clean dry cloth to dip the diluted neutral detergent to dilute and remove as much of the stain as possible, and then wipe the plush doll with water. Solid stains can be removed qucikly by using alcohol wipes, while plush dolls with stubborn stains must be totally washed.
Check the labels for making sure whether the plush dolls are washable or not. If hand or machine washing is allowed, you can prepare a washbasin with clean water, pour the detergent into the washbasin, and then stir the water until the detergent is completely dissolved. You can squeeze the plush dolls to let them fully absorb the water and the dissolved detergent firstly; hand wash it as gently as possible; rinse the plush dolls with water; wrap the plush dolls with a clean dry cloth for a few minutes to make part of the water absorbed by the cloth. Finally, put the plush dolls in the ventilated places to make them dry naturally.
Here are some other methods which you can use to wash the plush dolls.

You can use the dry cleaning method with the help of the crude salt. First buy a bag of crude salt; go home to find a clean plastic bag; put a small amount of coarse salt as well as the plush dolls into the plastic bag; tie up the opening of the plastic bag; shake the plastic bag up and down about 40 times; take the plush dolls out of the plastic bag. You will find your plush dolls become much cleaner than before and that the surface of the crude salt become a little bit black.
The dry cleaning methods with the help of the baking soda is also recommended. Spread the baking soda on the plush dolls evenly; use a small brush to brush the fluff of the plush dolls until the plush dolls become clean. After brushing, you can use the hair dryer to remove the baking soda left on the plush dolls.

Tips & Warnings
1. Hand wash the plush doll if it needs gentle treatment
2. Use all-purpose cleaner and a very soft brush to clean the stubborn stains.
3. Check whether the plush dolls have any plastic or metal joints or supports before washing them.