• How to Select Plush Dolls?

How to Select Plush Dolls?

Plush dolls are one of the favorite dolls of children and young people because they are lovely and vivid. When it comes to playing, safety should be though of at the first time. However, sometimes, plush dolls can also be the dangerous objects, if they are not well selected. It is of great significance to choose a good and appropriate plush doll, and we believe that we all do not expect any accident to happen. Here, we give you a few tips on how to choose the appropriate plush dolls.

1. Whom do you want to buy the plush dolls for? Different plush dolls should be chosen for people in different ages, and safety should always be the main consideration of choosing plush dolls.
For babies between zero to one year old, do not buy plush dolls with printed patterns or paint colors for them because the organic materials in the dyes may bring skin allergies to babies. For babies below three years old, plush dolls with small objects which may easily fall off are not suitable for them. Babies have no consciousness of danger, and they may bite and eat the small objects, which will lead to the risk of suffocation. In additions, all the plush dolls bought for kids should not have the rings which can twine around the necks of kids.
2. It should be checked whether the plush dolls have the high quality fabrics. The fabrics of the plush dolls can be classified into the short velveteen, the pine needle velvet, the rose velvet, etc., and the fabric quality of the plush dolls determines the prices of the plush dolls to some degree. Some sellers cheat customers by selling inferior plush dolls.
3. The filler which is another important factor affecting the price of the plush doll is also supposed to be checked. The filler of the superior plush doll should be the PP cotton, which feels very good. Inferior plush dolls usually have the poor quality fillers such as the shoddy cotton, which will not only feel bad, but also be very dirty.
4. The good workmanship is also the crucial factor to influence the quality as well as the value of the plush dolls. It is hard to imagine that how good the shoddy plush dolls will be. Carefully look at the plush doll to check whether the stitch is fine; whether the handiwork is solid; whether the plush doll is beautiful and whether the left body and the right body of the plush doll is symmetrical. If the plush dolls belong to the high quality plush dolls, they are supposed to be soft and fluffy with the solid stitches on various parts and without any scratch on the doll.