• Knowledge of Plush Toy’s Fabric

Knowledge of Plush Toys

Plush toys are mainly made of plush, pp cotton and other textile materials and they are stuffed with various fillers, which are also known as soft toys or stuffed toys. Plush toys have characteristics of good safety and vivid appearance, being lovely, soft, decorative, easy to clean and applicable to a wide range of people. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decorating houses as well as gifts for others. The plush toy has a broad market both at home and abroad, especially for plush stuffed toys and toys for Christmas gifts.
Materials of plush toys
Short velveteen fabric is the high-quality material for making the lining of plush dolls, and it is one of the most fashionable fabrics in the world. The surface of the fabric is covered by the fine hair, which generally is about 1.2mm. The fine hair forms a soft and smooth texture, so we call the smooth fine hair velveteen.
The characteristics of short velveteen
1. The fine hair makes velveteen have soft texture as well as good luster and is not easy to wrinkle.
2. The soft and thick fine hair can form the air layer, so the plush doll made of the short velveteen has the good heat insulating property.
The appearance of short velveteen
The superior short velveteen usually have the upright fine hair which is smooth, flat, uniform and soft.
Introduction of pine needle velvet

Pine needle velvet is made from embroidery thread twisted with FDY polyester filament, combining the thread making technology and the artificial fur technology. Pine needle velvet makes products have the unique style and stereoscopic features.
Advantages of pine needle velvet
Pine needle velvet not only can make toys soft and smooth, but noble and beautiful, which cater to customers' seeking of novelty, beauty and fashion. Pine needle velvet is a kind of the high end fabric, and a number of plush dolls with the high quality are made of this fabric.
Introduction of rose velvet
Rose velvet has the spiral-shaped appearance, and it looks like the rose. Therefore, people call it rose velvet.
Characteristics of rose velvet
Rose velvet has the soft texture, the beautiful appearance, the good heat insulating property and is easy to wash.