• What are some of the benefits associated with plush toys.

What are some of the benefits associated with plush toys.

A mother says that her baby has a very favorite plush bear, holding it while eating, sleeping and even out on the street. The bear is pretty dirty now, but the baby still refuses to let it go. She has no choice but to buy a new plush bear which is the same as the old one to replace the dirty one. But the mother cannot understand why the baby only loves the bear, even though there are so many funny toys. 

In fact, the bear plush toy is not just a toy but also a partner or a brother in a baby’s world.
So we recommend a plush toy as the sweetest toy for babies. 

A toy that provides comfort
Mothers believe that plush toys are easy to absorb dust and are not easy to clean, posing a threat to your baby’s health. But in fact, plush toys represent security and familiarity that can provide babies with comfort in the babies’ mind.

From the ethological perspective, animals tend to get close to furry objects in order to have the sense of safety and warmth. While the baby holds a stuffed toy, it feels like the mammy is here with the baby and makes him comfortable. 

The loyalest small follower
Most babies lose interest in plush toys when they are 3 years old. They prefer toys that are movable, rather than a plush toy just sitting on without moving. Nevertheless, we will find that the plush toy complex of the only child will be deeper.

This is because, in the eyes of the children, it is more than just a bear or a puppy who can't move or talk. They will imagine the little bear laughing at them and being spoiled by them. It is children's little friend, small follower. Therefore, we should treat the baby's small toys as well as we treat our babies, full of love and patient.

Even a little teacher
At present, many early education machines are produced in the appearance of plush toys, hiding the chip in the "belly" of the toy. This kind of plush doll can tell stories, talk and teach English. Therefore, an ordinary plush toy is also a good "little teacher."

Babies regard it as their brother or kid, and naturally they will imitate their moms in taking care of the "baby". Under the moms’ guidance aside, babies will dress, bath and sleep with the plush toys, thus the babies’ independence and self-care ability will be improved.

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