• How to choose toys for babies who are 4 months old?

How to choose toys for babies who are 4 months old?

Babies who are younger than 3 months old don't sense the world. Therefore, toys are not a necessity for them. When babies are four month older, they need toys.
During this period, the baby's vision, hearing and touch have developed greatly, and their concern for things surrounded them has become stronger and stronger.
They are curious about everything around them, and their world is a world that is perceptible, touchable, smiling and tastable. They like having someone making them laugh and giving them something. Meanwhile, babies also like touching everything they can grab with their small hands and then putting those things in mouth and tasting them. At those moments, parents should spend more time with them in choosing the right toys for them and playing games with them.
Babies at this age already have certain grasping capability. They can grasp the toy in front of them, but their hand-eye coordination is limited. They can’t grasp toys at once. When they near a desk, they like scratching the desktop so as to reach the article on the desk. They like tearing paper, shaking and tapping on toys, thus remember the different playing methods and functions of these toys. When a toy falls , they will look towards the direction of its falling. They can grab two toys at the same time with both hands.
You can prepare your babies some toys with good texture, that are colourful and easy to grasp. For example, various kinds of bath toys can be put in the bathtub while the baby is taking a bath, so that the baby can grasp them and have fun. In addition, some plastic balls and toys that can make sounds are good for babies to bounce and grasp.
It is the best time to train the babies’ listening and eyesight for their perception is certainly enhanced during this period. You can choose your babies some toys that will make your babies them happy.
For example, you can hang some colorful bells around the crib arch, or have babies worn some bracelets and ankle rings that can make sounds, so that they can see, grasp and touch. Soft plush toys with simple shapes and big sizes can also be placed at their bedside or within their reach to make them feel warm and safe. But do not put plush toys on the bed while babies are sleeping, in case they affect babies' breathing.